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QC CL-1500WD WiFi Deluxe Whole House Fan


QC CL-1500WD WiFi Deluxe Whole House Fan

$ 565.00

QuietCool QC CL-1500WD WiFi Deluxe Whole House Fan

Works with Google! Works with Alexa!

QuietCool whole house fans now work with Smart Home controls. You can control the fan with wall switches, a smartphone app, or voice command with Google Home, Amazon Echo, Iris, etc.

QuietCool whole house fans are a great way to cool your home at night. They pull the cool night air into your home and push the hot, moist air out of your attic.

The QuietCool QC CL-1500 is an energy efficient whole house fan that delivers 1527 cubic feet per minute of airflow while operating almost silently.

The fan hangs from the rafters and is connected to an attractive ceiling grille with insulated fexible duct. This keeps the fan noise away from the ceiling opening so it is very quiet. The ceiling grille is a nice cube core grille, not the ugly louvers like on the old fashioned fans. These fans are so quiet they can be installed in a bedroom. One advantage of this is that you can close the bedroom door at night.

The QC-1500 whole house fan has insulated dampers that close when the fan is not running. This keeps cool (or warm!) air from leaking into the attic.

This fan only takes a few hours to install. A hole is cut in the ceiling or vertical wall where the fan is going to be installed. The ceiling boot is placed in the hole and the grille is screwed into it through the drywall. The fan is hung from the rafters with the attached straps. The duct is connected to the ceiling boot and the insulation is moved back around the boot. At this point all that remains is the electrical hookup.

If you have an electrical outlet in your attic you can get a remote control unit. This is very simple to install.

If you do not have an outlet in your attic you will need to install a wall switch to operate the fan.

These fans move a lot of air and the air needs to be able to get out of the attic. Exhaust ventilation is required for the fan to operate properly.

You may be eligible to upgrade this fan to a Trident fan for free. The Trident line has a removable grille and a 15 year warranty. Just put a note in the comments section!

Includes a WiFi switch to connect to your home WiFi system.

Motor Voltage 120V AC
Motor Amperage 1.3 Amps
Power Consumption 150 Watts
Motor Speed 1050 RPM
Air Flow @ 0.1. SP 1500 CFM
Sound Level in Room 43 db
R Value at Closed Damper R 4.2
Ceiling Rough Opening 14" x 14"
Intake Grille Color White
Shipping Weight 70 lbs
Box Size 20" x 20" x 26"
Manufacturer's Warranty 10 years
Exhaust Ventilation Required 288 si/2 sf
Effective for areas of 350 to 850 sf

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