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HV3400 R50 insulated whole house fan

Tamarack Technologies

HV3400 R50 insulated whole house fan

$ 1,541.00

Tamarack Technologies HV 3400 R-50 insulated whole house fan - The Ghost

The HV 3400  whole house fan has R50 insulated dampers that close when the fan is not running. This keeps cool (or warm!) air from leaking into the attic.

This fan only takes a few hours to install. A 2 speed remote control is included.

This fan blows a lot of air into the attic and it needs to be able to get out. Please make sure you have enough attic ventilation.

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Motor Voltage 115V AC
Power Consumption  
450 Watts
Air Flow @ 0.1 SP 3400 CFM
R Value at Closed Damper R 50

Effective for areas of

800 to 2400 sf

Ceiling Rough Opening

14.5" x 22.5"
Intake Grille Color White
Exhaust Ventilation Required 1296 si/9 sf

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