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QuietCool whole house fans

Quiet, energy efficient whole house fans by QuietCool.

QuietCool is our most popular whole house fan. Everyone loves them. They move a lot of air very quietly. The fans are energy efficient. The insulated dampers close when the fan turns off so the attic is sealed from the inside of the house.

These are modern fans, not the old fashioned kind. The fan hangs from the rafters and is connected to the ceiling grille with flexible, insulated duct. This keeps the fan noise away from the ceiling grille so the fans are very quiet.

These fans are very easy to install. It only takes a couple of hours for most installations. The electrical work is usually the hardest part. If you have an electrical outlet in the attic you can simply use an X10 remote control system to operate your fan. We have these in the X10 section.

Check out our fan and control packages. They include switches and timers so you know you are getting the right items for your particular fan.